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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Well Gang

Well I know it has been a while since i Have bogged or even updated my weight.
The reasoning for this is because I think I have been lied to.  I have always used my wii so it can keep exact track of my weight loss and it will tell me if I have lost or gained all the way to the point.  Well I go to get on it and it said I lost over 30 pounds in a week.  I did not believe it of course then I got back on and it said I gained 70 pounds in a week.  Finally a third time and it said I had lost like 50 pounds.  So my wii is not working the greatest so I have had nothing to weigh myself with. To be honest I am not even sure if the starting weight was correct or the weekly rates were correct. I know that the one weight I was out of town and used someone else's  machine was most likely accurate but not everything else.

Then lets move over to the exercising. I have failed.  R u ready for my (excuse)  it has been well into the high 100s in temperature.  I have no central A/C so I only have window units that are ancient so they suck through a lot of electricity and do not blow very well. (ha ha)  Once they get turned off my house goes almost immediately to outside temp.  That's not a good thing and then it will take all day to get back to livable.  In my living room I have my wii and my exercise stuff hooked to that and when I play the wii/xbox anything while running the A/C it pops a breaker.  Then I must start all over like I Have not completed the tasks at all.  So, I have not been working out for two weeks now. I am horrible and feel like crap.  I noticed that I do not have as much energy as I used to I no longer crave working out.  I would really hate to get my wii working properly now to see that i have probably gained everything back plus some.

Eating I am still doing good there.  I no longer stick to a specific amount of calories however I DO make sure the stuff I eat is not loaded with calories and sodium.,  I am still eating more turkey rather than beef, So, I have not completely failed on the eating just the exercising.  Which is just as bad.

So, hopefully here soon I can get back on track and get this damn heat out of here so I can get back on my wii.

Well hugs to all

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Weigh In

Well gang tonight's going to be really short because I am exhausted.  I weighed in this morning and I think my scale thing is not liking me at all.  I first got on and it said I gained like ten pounds.  I waited a few minutes and then it said the current weight.  I at first got real confused.  Remember last week I weighed in at my mothers house on her Wii.  It said I had lost 4 pounds.  I did not get a chance to weigh in on my personal Wii.  SO this week when I weighed in it said I lost 4.2 pounds.  I thought it meant I gained .2 pounds. I was so upset and hating myself. I tried to think it was because of lovely mother nature ya no but then I said that it had to be because of this past weekend and me not giving the exercising a 100 percent like I have been.  Then after speaking with my husband telling him about how and what it said and how I felt he said umm honey you did not gain you actually lost the .2 pounds so that made ma a little happier.

My workout this weekend was a different kind of one.  We went to Bush Gardens on Saturday night I did the satirs of death and we speed walked throughout the park.  Sunday we went to Water Country during the day and Bush Gardens again at night and did a lot of speed walking again.  SO that was pretty much my type of workout this weekend. 

I start back to work on Monday doing summer school.  So I will be able to get more movement and then workout when I get home so I should be back on track again.  Until Summer school is out and I go back to my mothers house again..LOL  My kids love going there because they get all the junk food possible.  I hate going there because she orders take out and has a lot of junk food there...LOL

Well I am off to shower and sleep!!

Night everyone

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday July 7, 2010

Hey gang sorry its been so long.  Summer time is a never ending stress ball. 

I did weigh in on Saturday July 3, 2010 (from my mothers) and it said I had lost 4 pounds.  So that now makes a total of 22 pounds I have lost in 4 weeks.  That is great.  I have noticed a change in my stomach and thighs but I would really like to see a change in my hips and face.  I guess that will come with time. 

I think I did really well for the holiday eating.  Then traveling I think I did pretty good there for eating.  I know on the way to my mother's I had a horrible breakfast I ate a 4 inch scrambled egg with steak sub.  It had onions, peppers and pepper on it.  Then for lunch I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and took off the bread and only ate the chicken.  Dinner now that was horrible I ate 1 piece of Pizza Hut pizza.  So that traveling day seemed well for me.  Then came the next day no breakfast lunch was a left over pizza and dinner was a hot dog (no bun) and some mac and cheese.  Finally July 4th.  I again had no breakfast except a whey protein drink, lunch (don't think I had any).  I had one beer, one homemade strawberry daiquiri then dinner was 3 fired chicken wings, pasta salad, some pepperoni dip with a quarter slice of some kinda bread, and a piece of chicken breast.  Then at about 11/midnight I ate 4 more chicken wings so that was not the greatest but it was still good since there was SO much unhealthy stuff there.  My mother made some really thick chocolate fudge brownies with marshmallow and nut toppings I did have a small piece of that and my kids were trying to force some pumpkin no bake oatmeal cookies but I had one cookie in three settings so that was wonderful!!

I am very proud of my weight loss now I just am concerned on when the other shoe is going to drop and I am going to gain it all back with one craving. 

During the weekend I was gone I still got in some workouts.  I did my Go Active 2 times and I played Volleyball in the pool.  Then there was the constant up and down a hilly yard. 

I think that is it for now.  I will try to start blogging at least every other day BUT if I do not I will always put my weight in on Sundays!

Have a great week!