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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Weigh In

Well gang tonight's going to be really short because I am exhausted.  I weighed in this morning and I think my scale thing is not liking me at all.  I first got on and it said I gained like ten pounds.  I waited a few minutes and then it said the current weight.  I at first got real confused.  Remember last week I weighed in at my mothers house on her Wii.  It said I had lost 4 pounds.  I did not get a chance to weigh in on my personal Wii.  SO this week when I weighed in it said I lost 4.2 pounds.  I thought it meant I gained .2 pounds. I was so upset and hating myself. I tried to think it was because of lovely mother nature ya no but then I said that it had to be because of this past weekend and me not giving the exercising a 100 percent like I have been.  Then after speaking with my husband telling him about how and what it said and how I felt he said umm honey you did not gain you actually lost the .2 pounds so that made ma a little happier.

My workout this weekend was a different kind of one.  We went to Bush Gardens on Saturday night I did the satirs of death and we speed walked throughout the park.  Sunday we went to Water Country during the day and Bush Gardens again at night and did a lot of speed walking again.  SO that was pretty much my type of workout this weekend. 

I start back to work on Monday doing summer school.  So I will be able to get more movement and then workout when I get home so I should be back on track again.  Until Summer school is out and I go back to my mothers house again..LOL  My kids love going there because they get all the junk food possible.  I hate going there because she orders take out and has a lot of junk food there...LOL

Well I am off to shower and sleep!!

Night everyone


  1. WHHHHEEEERRRREEEEEE are you??? Time to bloggy update missy!

  2. you are doing GREAT!! (or you were anyways! - where did ya go?? miss your blog!)