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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday July 7, 2010

Hey gang sorry its been so long.  Summer time is a never ending stress ball. 

I did weigh in on Saturday July 3, 2010 (from my mothers) and it said I had lost 4 pounds.  So that now makes a total of 22 pounds I have lost in 4 weeks.  That is great.  I have noticed a change in my stomach and thighs but I would really like to see a change in my hips and face.  I guess that will come with time. 

I think I did really well for the holiday eating.  Then traveling I think I did pretty good there for eating.  I know on the way to my mother's I had a horrible breakfast I ate a 4 inch scrambled egg with steak sub.  It had onions, peppers and pepper on it.  Then for lunch I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and took off the bread and only ate the chicken.  Dinner now that was horrible I ate 1 piece of Pizza Hut pizza.  So that traveling day seemed well for me.  Then came the next day no breakfast lunch was a left over pizza and dinner was a hot dog (no bun) and some mac and cheese.  Finally July 4th.  I again had no breakfast except a whey protein drink, lunch (don't think I had any).  I had one beer, one homemade strawberry daiquiri then dinner was 3 fired chicken wings, pasta salad, some pepperoni dip with a quarter slice of some kinda bread, and a piece of chicken breast.  Then at about 11/midnight I ate 4 more chicken wings so that was not the greatest but it was still good since there was SO much unhealthy stuff there.  My mother made some really thick chocolate fudge brownies with marshmallow and nut toppings I did have a small piece of that and my kids were trying to force some pumpkin no bake oatmeal cookies but I had one cookie in three settings so that was wonderful!!

I am very proud of my weight loss now I just am concerned on when the other shoe is going to drop and I am going to gain it all back with one craving. 

During the weekend I was gone I still got in some workouts.  I did my Go Active 2 times and I played Volleyball in the pool.  Then there was the constant up and down a hilly yard. 

I think that is it for now.  I will try to start blogging at least every other day BUT if I do not I will always put my weight in on Sundays!

Have a great week!

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