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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Well Gang

Well I know it has been a while since i Have bogged or even updated my weight.
The reasoning for this is because I think I have been lied to.  I have always used my wii so it can keep exact track of my weight loss and it will tell me if I have lost or gained all the way to the point.  Well I go to get on it and it said I lost over 30 pounds in a week.  I did not believe it of course then I got back on and it said I gained 70 pounds in a week.  Finally a third time and it said I had lost like 50 pounds.  So my wii is not working the greatest so I have had nothing to weigh myself with. To be honest I am not even sure if the starting weight was correct or the weekly rates were correct. I know that the one weight I was out of town and used someone else's  machine was most likely accurate but not everything else.

Then lets move over to the exercising. I have failed.  R u ready for my (excuse)  it has been well into the high 100s in temperature.  I have no central A/C so I only have window units that are ancient so they suck through a lot of electricity and do not blow very well. (ha ha)  Once they get turned off my house goes almost immediately to outside temp.  That's not a good thing and then it will take all day to get back to livable.  In my living room I have my wii and my exercise stuff hooked to that and when I play the wii/xbox anything while running the A/C it pops a breaker.  Then I must start all over like I Have not completed the tasks at all.  So, I have not been working out for two weeks now. I am horrible and feel like crap.  I noticed that I do not have as much energy as I used to I no longer crave working out.  I would really hate to get my wii working properly now to see that i have probably gained everything back plus some.

Eating I am still doing good there.  I no longer stick to a specific amount of calories however I DO make sure the stuff I eat is not loaded with calories and sodium.,  I am still eating more turkey rather than beef, So, I have not completely failed on the eating just the exercising.  Which is just as bad.

So, hopefully here soon I can get back on track and get this damn heat out of here so I can get back on my wii.

Well hugs to all

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Weigh In

Well gang tonight's going to be really short because I am exhausted.  I weighed in this morning and I think my scale thing is not liking me at all.  I first got on and it said I gained like ten pounds.  I waited a few minutes and then it said the current weight.  I at first got real confused.  Remember last week I weighed in at my mothers house on her Wii.  It said I had lost 4 pounds.  I did not get a chance to weigh in on my personal Wii.  SO this week when I weighed in it said I lost 4.2 pounds.  I thought it meant I gained .2 pounds. I was so upset and hating myself. I tried to think it was because of lovely mother nature ya no but then I said that it had to be because of this past weekend and me not giving the exercising a 100 percent like I have been.  Then after speaking with my husband telling him about how and what it said and how I felt he said umm honey you did not gain you actually lost the .2 pounds so that made ma a little happier.

My workout this weekend was a different kind of one.  We went to Bush Gardens on Saturday night I did the satirs of death and we speed walked throughout the park.  Sunday we went to Water Country during the day and Bush Gardens again at night and did a lot of speed walking again.  SO that was pretty much my type of workout this weekend. 

I start back to work on Monday doing summer school.  So I will be able to get more movement and then workout when I get home so I should be back on track again.  Until Summer school is out and I go back to my mothers house again..LOL  My kids love going there because they get all the junk food possible.  I hate going there because she orders take out and has a lot of junk food there...LOL

Well I am off to shower and sleep!!

Night everyone

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday July 7, 2010

Hey gang sorry its been so long.  Summer time is a never ending stress ball. 

I did weigh in on Saturday July 3, 2010 (from my mothers) and it said I had lost 4 pounds.  So that now makes a total of 22 pounds I have lost in 4 weeks.  That is great.  I have noticed a change in my stomach and thighs but I would really like to see a change in my hips and face.  I guess that will come with time. 

I think I did really well for the holiday eating.  Then traveling I think I did pretty good there for eating.  I know on the way to my mother's I had a horrible breakfast I ate a 4 inch scrambled egg with steak sub.  It had onions, peppers and pepper on it.  Then for lunch I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and took off the bread and only ate the chicken.  Dinner now that was horrible I ate 1 piece of Pizza Hut pizza.  So that traveling day seemed well for me.  Then came the next day no breakfast lunch was a left over pizza and dinner was a hot dog (no bun) and some mac and cheese.  Finally July 4th.  I again had no breakfast except a whey protein drink, lunch (don't think I had any).  I had one beer, one homemade strawberry daiquiri then dinner was 3 fired chicken wings, pasta salad, some pepperoni dip with a quarter slice of some kinda bread, and a piece of chicken breast.  Then at about 11/midnight I ate 4 more chicken wings so that was not the greatest but it was still good since there was SO much unhealthy stuff there.  My mother made some really thick chocolate fudge brownies with marshmallow and nut toppings I did have a small piece of that and my kids were trying to force some pumpkin no bake oatmeal cookies but I had one cookie in three settings so that was wonderful!!

I am very proud of my weight loss now I just am concerned on when the other shoe is going to drop and I am going to gain it all back with one craving. 

During the weekend I was gone I still got in some workouts.  I did my Go Active 2 times and I played Volleyball in the pool.  Then there was the constant up and down a hilly yard. 

I think that is it for now.  I will try to start blogging at least every other day BUT if I do not I will always put my weight in on Sundays!

Have a great week!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday June 27, 2010

Well I weighed in today as well as took my measurements.  I had to do my weigh in not once but twice to make sure it was correct.  It said  I lost 10.6 pounds.  Yup you read it right 10.6 pounds in 6 days. I was so excited I thought  I was still dreaming. Then my measurements were okay my arms are bigger.  Getting a little chicken wing going on so that is going to make me crazy.  I feel bad because I was so excited when I noticed it that I told my friends Crazy and Jen.  Which made my girl Jen get a little discouraged.  I wish that I did not lose that much so she would not feel bad.  I know that we both struggle with this but apparently her meds are not kicking in for her yet.  So I want all to wish her a good luck and give her a huge hug.  I am really sorry hun but you are doing great as well.  Just think of how much extra running you are making Crazy do.  That in itself is satisfaction make that man 

But today was an abnormal day.  Got up did the normal breakfast thing with straightening up the house a little.  Then took my grandmother, sister, and my two girls all out to lunch at Applebees.  I think I did a good job ordering there too. We stayed gone from 140 until after 7pm.  Then came home and made the boys something to eat and the girls something light.  Then all of a sudden my computer game needed my full attention.  UGH the stress of gaming...

My food intake today was...
a piece of toast with peanut butter on it

Lunch was
Half of an AppleBees 550calorie Spicy Shrimp Lunch and a salad with a salad no croutons or onions and Italian dressing I dipped not poured on the salad (use less that way)

Dinner was
The other half of my lunch.

So all together I ate approx. 1000 calories today..

I did not work out cause it was supposed to be a rest day and my men were on the damn XBOX most the day.  (Cannot do Wii workout at the same time)  Thats okay  I will get it made up tomorrow!!!

Well good luck to all. 

Again = -10.6 for 6 days wooo hooo!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday June 27, 2010


Well today started off as a same ole same old day.  But some how I got a burr up my rear and did three workouts today and guess what Crazy and Jen I ATE food today.  There really was not much going on just straightening things up exercising and KoC. 
We did watch Zombieland with the kids they really enjoyed that.  I really like sitting up in a dark living room with my family laying out everywhere watching a scary movie.  My youngest daughter is a real big Wuss so its fun teasing her.  As a matter of fact this movie was not really scary but she thought it was a little and she had to go pee after the movie was over and remember I said DARK she wanted her big sister to take her to the potty but she was scared and I said I had to go they both came running after me and I quickly shut the door which made it dark and the little one squealed it was funny cause all you hear is foot steps running to the kitchen. She was laughing cause mommy scared her. (9years old people not really little)

Well it is after midnight and I need to get to laying down I have a huge day tomorrow.  ITS WEIGH IN DAY!!

Well food intake for the day was.....


Yogurt and a 1/2 bowl of cereal

was a Michalean thingy that was chicken broccoli alfredo do hicky.

was left overs from Thursday The mexican casserole.

was some popcorn with the movie(home popped)

So lets see how much that eating like a pig affects my weigh in tomorrow.

Well NIGHT to all!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday June 25, 2010

Well gang today was an okay day.  EXTREMELY hot but an okay day.  I did some normal chores around the house yipee for me..LOL Then I planned dinner a yummy lasagna.  I did an extra hard workout today as well.  I did my normal thirty minutes of the Go Active and then I did another 30 minutes of random exercises on the go active with my sister.  My arms feel like jello from all the dancing moves, hitting a baseball and shooting basketball.  Ugh what one will do for family.  But that was okay cause I burned over 300 calories. I have found that I am getting better in the running part of the exercises.  They have me run 2.67 laps at the beginning and at the end of my workouts.  So I get practice in running just for you crazy.

Food Intake today:

a small tomato sandwich

a cup of salad and 1 tbs of dressing


Lasgna (half of what I was given) and another small salad.

I am still scared cause on Sunday I weigh in again and this is the third week so its scaryyyyyyy.  I will also try to measure my body as well to see where I have lost some inches or hopefully feet at.

Well good night to all...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday June 24, 2010

Hey gang today was a semi normal day.  I woke up had my coffee as breakfast. Played a little on my computer and then went out and did some more shopping.  Yesterday was grocery today was junk shopping and paying bills.  I went to get cigarettes, Walmart and got another resistance band and one of those big blue balls.(we all know how much I like, and a set of 2 pound hand help weights.  I will hope this helps me some with my workouts and toning.  After that we went to a thrift store and got some playtime summer clothes for the kids and then off to hair cuts for my youngest son.  His hair was REALLY long and bugging me so its all gone now yeah.  Finally, we went to the pet store and got some crickets for the bearded dragon and turtle as well as some more fish for the turtle. 
I made something new for dinner tonight it was a Mexican Casserole.  It was really good.  This was the first time I used ground turkey instead of beef.  Could not really tell the difference on the meat taste.  All my family liked it but my picky eater Kimberly.  It took her an hour to eat one scoop cause it had beans in it.OMG drama queen...LOL

Well lets see food intake today:
a 90 calorie bar thingy
Mexican Casserole and a Salad with 3tbs Ranch

My workout today made me feel really good
I did a 30 minute Yoga session b4 I left to go shopping
Then once I got home b4 dinner I did my big Wii helper it was another 33 minutes of hot sweaty painful exercise.

All in all I think today was a good day.  I need to eat a little more throughout the day but I did better with the yogurt and snack bar thing.

We will see what tomorrow brings!!


Wednesday June 23, 2010

Okay gang its 130 am so this will be really short.  I am not working at the moment like the life of a teacher huh.  I do not like not working cause I do not eat when I am at home.  When at work I tend to eat something for breakfast and lunch cause  I am around the food.  The past two days I only ate at dinner time. My drink intake sucks too.  I drink my mug of coffee and one to two cups of water/tea a day.  So that is my goal this week is to actually EAT. I know that when you do not eat your body hordes but I am just not hungry. Plus the stress of my facebook game has been getting to me too.  Jen, Crazy and Swans knows all about the BS going on in there...LOL But now I think all is right in KoC world so that stress will be gone for now at least. 
It has been so hot outside the past few days I can not tolerate checking the mail, it takes my breathe away.  I did go grocery shopping today.  I am not one that makes a list up or goes to different stores but today I did.  I went on Food Lion, Farm fresh, Save-a-lot, and Bottom Dollars websites and compared prices made a list of what I must get from each store that was cheaper at one store.  It was rough.  I of course did not stick solely to the list at all.  But I did get what was on my list plus.  The most stressful part of my real life day...LOL was taking 5 kids grocery shopping with me. OMG I now remember why I keep them home when  possible.  Those of you with munchkins know what I mean.  So as for workout I did ten minutes on the wii again had my sister hating me.  I think thats the best part of it all.

Well until tomorrow Good Night to all.
(almost did my KoC title after it.  sent it so much today...) LOL

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 21, 2010

Okay gang today as you may have seen I did my weigh in a little late.  But I did lose something in my dreaded 2nd week.  But that is okay I am going to do more in the coming weeks. 
Today I got my little sister to workout with me on the go active and now of course she hates me wants to see me dead as she is crawling across the floor to pick something up she threw at  That is okay with me she is only 14 years old and weighs in the 200s.  So she needs this really more than I do.  I will have her for two weeks so I must do something for her within that time frame. 

So yesterday was a barely any eating day but a high calorie day.  I had a piece of meat lovers pizza at 3 and another at 9 so there was my food intake yesterday. I did burn 255 calories in my workout so now I must do it all over again today!! YEAH for me I get to torture my little sister all over again...LOL

Till Later

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Day late

Hello guys I am sorry I am a day late for my weigh in.  I had a house full of teenage boys and I am not going to step on anything that shows weight in front of them so I did it today!

I lost 1.3 pounds. Its not great but considering the stress and little amount of time I have had to spend on working out I think I did a great job.  Week three will be so much better!

My kids are trying to get me to jump on the trampoline they say it will burn lots of calories..Ashamed do not want to do it.

This weekend I have not ate much On Saturday I had a donut for breakfast, no lunch and just a piece of hamburger with a tomato and a dab of ketchup on it.  My family laughed at me...LOL
Then came Sunday I again had a creme filled donut this time and a few chicken wings for dinner.  Spent the day at the beach with the kids so Reuben could be alone to play the xbox in peace.

I got to stun my kids today I went to the beach in an actual bathing suit with shorts on and guess what I went in to the water!!! First time in years.  I usually sit out and bake on the beach while the kids play in there for hours...

Well I will try and post again tonight!

Have a great day and keep up your hard work!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Okay gang I know that I have not posted anything in a couple days.  I have been slacking on writing and posting but not on my calorie intake.  I had to go to court on Wednesday that day was extremely stressful.  I was at work until it was time for me to go to court got to court and was there until a little after 5pm.  The court was over an hour away including the wonderful 5 o'clock rush hour traffic.  I got home and then had to try and find kids something to eat (now at 7pm).  Heck Wednesday all I had to eat was a snack wrap from Mcdonalds and two pieces of hard salami.  So I stayed WELL under my calories that day.  Then came Thursday.  What a wonderful morning woke up got ready for work go outside in my car and turned around and found that my rear window was smashed in.  Lovely huh.  By process of elimanation we figured it was the person we went to court with the night before.  Then that same person started posting nasty and rude comments about me on my Face Book account.  (How grown up does that sound?)  So I had to miss an entire day of work and again stay well below my calroe intake becasuse I ate NOTHING until dinner which was the dreaded TACO BELL!  (I felt I needed a break or treat what ever you want to call it.)  Then there is today last day of school.  I cried a lot today at work I have some children that I am just plain out going to miss.  So today I am going to have to workout extra hard before oh yeah My mother is coming down to my house for my oldest sons graduation!! 

So as you can see my workouts have been NIL  I am ashamed of that but with the amount of stress and strain this is taking on me I just have not had the time or the ability to workout.  HOWEVER; today was the offical last day of work (until June 30) I have to go in for a little bit but no big deal there.  So as you can see I had a minor life set back not I must get myself back on track or I will never be able to gain my life or my sanity back!

So until next time I' m out of here!!

Love you Jen I told you I would post today!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday June 13, 2010

Okay today was not a very eventful day.  I woke up got ready for work went to work told a few people that I have actually lost weight.  These people were saying that a 1200 calorie diet would not work for me.  So, I had to just rub it in a little :)~  

Food Intake
Breakfast that healthy cereal
Lunch  rice cakes (mini) and 3 turkey nuggets baked not fried solely white meat
Dinner Fried kabosa, corn, and some noodle scampi stuff...LOL

Water intake
4 cups of water

was the go active said day of rest so I just did a walk around the block.

Well off to bed night to everyone and thanks for all of your support and comments that encourage me to keep it up.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 9 Danielle at 5.2 pounds lighter!

Well today I woke up late cause I was dreading weighing in on the scale.  Once I finally did I found out that I had only lost 5.2 pounds.  I guess that is okay but to me it seems almost like a waste.  When you watch the biggest loser as much as we do you see them losing twenty plus pounds on the first week and when they lose a whole five pounds they are disappointed.  But as I told myself it is a start. I want to either stay at an even five a week or increase each week.  Today was a semi lazy day.  I did straighten up the living room and kitchen.  Did laundry and spent some time with my family.  I did not get my workout in until like 5pm but I did get it in. As I told you yesterday I started the 30 day challenge on the Go active Medium Intensity today.  Completed it with even burning thirty three more calories than they predicted!! YEAH GO ME.

Food Today
Not a great food intake day but I was satisfied.
Breakfast I had a healthy smart cinnamon bran something or other...LOL
Lunch I had a rice cake
Dinner I made a pork loin green beans and stuffing

My grand total for calorie intake was 941

Today I did light housework and my go active 30 day challenge so the only one I can actually say was what the Wii told me and that was....
237 calories burned in 20 minutes!!  Wow imagine if I did that same workout for an hour I could be a calorie burning machine (that could not walk or move the next day)

Water intake today was approx 5-6 cups so I am not totally horrible.

Now before I said that I was going to take my measurements so I could see where I am losing weight at I had my husband actually touch me to measure me.  I am not happy with my results one bit.

Well I am off to bed and will talk to everyone tomorrow!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 8

My Day...
Well let me first start off by saying I forgot to add my embarassing moment from yesterday in there.  I told you that the little girl likes pulling at clothes and that I was wearing a V neck shirt.  Well we had parents running the activities and at one of the activities she was tryong to get my attention and pulled on my shirt and got my bra with it and exposed my breast.  I thought I covered it up quickly enough where no one would notice YEAH right that would mean I had good luck on my side.  Nope the MALE parent walked up by me and said "thats something I did not expect to see at an elementary school and winked at me."  OMG I was ready to crawl under her wheel chair.  Then I thought about it for a minute and said he was kinda cute...LOL SHHHH!!

Okay now today.  I woke up in a good mood still stiff and sore but I said that I was not going to let that stop me from working out today.  Even before I got my coffee in me I did 20 minutes of Yoga in the Wii Fit.  After that I did a few strength training exercises then went and got my coffee.  Today I was a workout machine let me tell ya.  I did 40 minutes with Jillian and burned 180 calories, then I went to Wii Sports and did that for about 20 minutes as a cool down period,  Sat down at my beloved KOC for about twenty minutes and then did my Go Active with that I worked out for 22 minutes and burned 100 calories.  Went back to the Wii Fit and did some more yoga returned to the Go active and started my 30 day challenge not thinking I would have to actually workout today since I already did.  Again that would be if I had luck.  I had to do a thirty minute high intensity workout.  This workout turned in to a 45 minute workout because my breaker popped and I had to start all over.  This workout I burned 336 calories.  Reuben (husband) came home right towards the end of the workout and saw me sweaty and tired.  I had to actually RUN.  I cannot stand to run I get a hurting back and black eyes when I do that...LOL  But I did I ran for a total of 8 minutes today.  Then he realized that I had not eaten so he went and made me an egg sandwich I added a whole carrot and a yogurt to the side. I only ate half of the sandwich to tired and not hungry.  

My Food Intake
 Okay it was not the worst I have seen but it is not the best I have seen either.
Breakfast again was nothing but water (lots of it)
Lunch was 1 egg, Honey Wheat Toast and a slice of swiss cheese a whole carrot and a yogurt.  (Only ate half of the sandwich)  total calories for lunch was 397
Dinner UGH I made spaghetti with 80/20 meat. I ate 4oz of meat and 1/2c of sauce with 4 oz of spaghetti noodles, and garlic powdered toast. Calorie intake here was 995.
For a grand total for Saturday 1392 This is fine because I stayed within my 12-1500 calorie intake for the day.  I spoke with our  nurse at work and she stated that a person my size should be eating 15-1800 calories a day.  I told her I struggle to meet the 12-1500 a day could not imagine eating MORE.

My exercise
okay lets see how well  I can add...LOL
total time working out was  2 hours and 37 minutes with burning 616 calories.  That is all I can actually count for I know that it was more during the Yoga, Strength training, and the Sports. I really need to get one of those arm bands that tells you what you burned throughout the day and you can input your calorie intake and get your step count such a neat device.
So my 1392 minus the 616 equals....776! So in all actuality that is the calorie intake for the day right?

Sunday is my first weigh in day.  I am so scared to do this what will happen if I lose nothing or hell what happens if I gain because my calorie intake was no where near the target for 5 of the 7 days? I will feel like a failure or a fool.  With the stress I have been under I am afraid it will counter act what I have actually done.  I have found out that you DO NOT weigh yourself AFTER a workout.  You gain like 3 pounds if you weigh right afterward.  I found out the reason why today your muscles had to expand to allow the increased blood flow and it will usually go down a few hours after your workout. So reminder to self no last chance workout right before I get on the scale...LOL

Water intake today was my 8 cups I met that again!  Now that is 2 days in a row I have met it.

Well I am off to bed now so I will see everyone here tomorrow with my new weight!  Hopefully its more than a big fat GOOSE EGG   



My day...
Well woke up got myself and the kids ready for work/school.  Did not pack a lunch because we were having tacos at lunch and I could eat the lettuce, cheese, and salsa together really looking forward to that.  We are having field day today for the kids.  Field day is a whole bunch of activities spread out around the school.  Most of them were water activities.  We get there and the kids are overly excited YEAH!  I know that I am going to get one heck of a workout because I have a little girl in a wheel chair there and I want her to participate in everything humanly possible.  My stupid butt wore a low cut V neck shirt and Jeans. Forgetting this young lady likes to grab at clothes to get your attention.  (that is a peace of information for later..LOL)  Well I then find out that they are NOT serving the tacos for lunch that it is corn dog nuggets or corn dogs which both are to full of calories and yucky stuff not healthy so I figured I would wait till I got my lunch break and go get me something it eat.  Well guess what NO BREAK today for me.  We were outside from 745 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon scorching heat. Let me tell you Heat and I do not Get along at ALL. Then add the constant walking back and forth around the school while pushing the little girl then the running relays pushing the girl ugh tired (all with my back not up to par) The water games were cool she really enjoyed getting me a little wet a couple times and I really enjoyed getting her soaked on the over under race (a metal can with holes in the bottom that you have to pass over your head to the person behind you...LOL  We all had lots of fun.

Then I come home after eating nothing but a dinner type roll all day long and like 7 water bottles exhausted and drained.  slept a little sore as hell and then had to think up dinner I being still tired just cooked some popcorn chicken had that while the kids had popcorn chicken and some chips.  So my calories were kinda low.  Then I did eat a left over egg roll.  When my sugars were dropping really fast do to not eating and only drinking water UGH.

So my workout today was the constant walking running and carrying of the little girl.  Sweating like crazy.  Then also worked out my arms buy pushing her in her swing for thirty minutes.  Unconventional but still a workout

Food Intake for the day
Dinner roll for breakfast 84
egg roll 170
Popcorn chicken (baked) 600
Total calorie intake for this stressful day was 854

my water intake was great though I got a total of like 16 or so cups of water.  

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Okay today was an okay day to start off with.  Got up got ready for work and the kids were all in a fairly good mood. (those days are wonderful) Then I got to work at 745/800 my principal came up to me and told me during planning if I would come to her office she has something to talk to me about.  It is well known that I am VERY afraid of the principals office. (Childhood memories I guess)  Well that was about an hour n a half to two hours of sitting in fear.  Then while putting our little girl in her wheel chair I turned wrong and hurt my back enough for me to fall to my knees because I lost feeling in my legs.I hurt my back lifting her earlier in the year where I was out of work for about a month all unpaid. (Cause I did not report the issue that day, but I did not really start hurting till the next day)  Any way went to her office and found out that a parent stated that in a message notebook that we keep I seemed to short to the point and she was offended.  The principal knows this parent personally so after reading the notebook she told me no worries just to have someone read it if I am going to write a "complaint" about the parent in it.

Then I get home and its time to go to the attorney's office.  Get there have a great appointment and ta da Reuben wants to take me to dinner where he was taken by some guys at work.  This place was a dieters nightmare.  Moe's something.  All Mexican Its like a subway for burritos. When we get up there I ask them how lean their hamburger meat was they could not find out so I settled for chicken no beans barely any rice, lettuce, tomato, black olives, sour cream, guac and cucumber slices. The burrito was really good and I was fretting about how many calories was in it I estimated like almost 800 then I get home and see that it was only like 400 and some even with the sour cream!!! SO that was great.

With my back being hurt I was unable to get any workout done could barely move.

oh BTW I was ruined this morning got some plain yogurt and some freshly frozen strawberries put them in my bullet and mixed it up thinking it would be great tasting.  Got to work to start eating breakfast and YUCK tasted like sweaty socks and sour.  Had to throw that all out so I got stuck with less than a half cup of cantaloupe.  My lunch was just a PBnJ sandwich.  My calories were really low and so was my temper and tolerance levels..LOL 

Foods Eaten Today


peanut butter and Jam sandwich on Honey wheat bread

a burrito from Moe's

None (due to injury)

Tomorrow I will have a great workout at work.  We are having Field Day which means lots of walking/running and carrying the little girl in a wheelchair. I look forward to the exhaustion for the weekend.

I am thinking about going back on my Xenical once I get out of work. It has some not so good for work side effects...LOL

Well guys sorry so short tonight will see everyone tomorrow!!

OH MY I almost forgot to tell my calorie intake for today...LOL
Breakfast 30
Lunch  330
Dinner  460
Total  For a grand total of....820
Does anyone think that this might be why I am so grouchy??

Now night all..LOL

Wednesday, June 9, 2010



Well let's see I woke up late so had to rush around the house like a chicken with my head cut off. I really need to learn how to actually fall asleep when I go to bed. Went to work and seem to find everyone that had an issue today.  First some little instructional assistant tried to get mouthy with me in front of children and those of you that know me understand I will and do not tolerate that.  Then I am leaving for the day and take the little girl in a wheel chair in to the lounge (I had to PEEEEEE) and the poor excuse of a media specialist was in there staring at me and her up and down. When we were walking out she asked me why Miss *** was looking at her like that I simply said in my LOUDEST voice that she thought she was really pretty and could not help but look at her.  We both got a chuckle out of that.  Then I come home to a HOT house starving (was trying to save some calories cause I knew I was eating something with high calories for dinner) (which turned out to be NOT TRUE) Me and hunger does not work well.  I have had a migraine and grumpiness all day.  Then I look at my living room and say forget it. I will have my kids pick up after themselves and it will hold until tomorrow.
Needless to say I am really not in the mood to do a "real workout" all I want to do is SLEEP!  So I decide to go outside and play soccer with my youngest son and my oldest daughter.  Then we played some basketball together. After that we walked up and down the street twice.  So since I did a high impact and high intensity workout yesterday I decided I would do just a high intensity today but in a fun way.  Playing with my children.  I tell you though I am not sure which one was worse Jillian Michaels or playing basketball with my kids.  They will both make you cry from pain...LOL  You know I saw a video my daughter took while we were outside playing and OMG I did not realize how disgusting I looked.  I always knew I was gross but to actually see that blob that was supposed to be me made me sit back and really cry.  I stay far away from cameras and videos because I know they add a few hundred pounds.


Well I did horrible today for calorie intake.  Just yesterday I was gripping at Jen for not coming close to her calorie intake and look at me today..UGH I might actually add 100 calories nope wait its 10:00pm no food intake for me.  

Well lets take a look...
3 pieces of left over bacon and a yogurt.  2 glasses of water. 2 cups of coffee  Total calories 160
Roast Beef sandwich and 2 pieces of green beans. 1 cup water and 1 cup of tea Total calories 130
Dinner :
MMMM so good by the way...LOL
Cubed Steak with some mushroom/cream of mushroom gravy and a 1/2 serving of green beans with 1 cup water and 1 glass of chocolate milk.  Total Calorie 665

Which means daily total calorie count was....955 


As I said earlier I played soccer for 30-45 minutes
Played basketball 30 minutes 
Walked 15 minutes.

Not sure of calorie burned or heart rate just knew I was sweaty so I did something right...LOL

Well I did not get a chance to take my measurements today.  I would really like to get them so I know how well I am doing.  We all know that we lose inches better than weight.  All my clothes are all ready to big so I cannot use that as an example.  But we will see if I can con my husband in touching me with out getting sick.  

Okay well I think that is it for now.  I am off to try to sleep.  I must stop over and speak to my KOC family for a few but I will eventually get off to bed...

Night all and C YA Thursday


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Going Strong after 4 days

Day 4--

Well this morning I did not even want to wake up for work.  Once I did finally crawl out of bed I had to quickly get myself ready for work dressed, make lunch, coffee, drinks for the work day I had to get my lovely munchkins up and ready for school.  Let me tell you I have a son that is horrible to get up in the morning.  He will sit up go pee and then crawl back in bed to go to sleep with lights on covers torn off and all.  I have a star program set up with him that on school days if he gets dressed that includes sock and shoes all with in 15 minutes he will earn a star and when he gets 5 stars in a row he gets to either choose from a mystery gift or a bakugan(spelling).  So far with in the last month he has only gotten 1 prize.  Might need to rethink a reward system.

Now well lets see got to work this morning and we had voting going on in the school so we had to eat breakfast and lunch on the classrooms (what fun)

I ate for today:
Breakfast-- yogurt and some grapes with two cups of coffee and a bottle of water! yes people you heard me right (BOTTLE of WATER)

Lunch I packed a roast beef with Swiss sandwich and some left over grapes with a cup of tea and another cup of water (mark that so far 5 cups of water)

After peeing like a racehorse all day long I got home no snack :(

Dinner was delicious
I made Alice's Spring Chicken with a side of frozen corn with get this 2 more glasses of WATER!!! YEAH

My total calorie count for today was 1123.  ( I still have enough for a half cup of ice cream) 


Okay today I did great.  I worked out on my Wii fit.  
I did 33 minutes of Advanced Step
I did 20 minutes of Regular Step
I completed a half a mile walk in a horrible 15 minutes (cool down workout)
Heck I even played the Hola Hoop game and spun my hips over 700 times.
Tomorrow I think I just might work out with Jillian Michaels to torture myself some more..he he  
All in all it looks like my calorie burnage today was.....

Drums and some hot dancers please.....

1,234  that is more than I ate today so does that mean I can really eat more than a half cup of Ice Cream and not count it?

Well my next thing I need t o invest in is a calorie counter book.  So when I happen to eat at work I can actually eat something instead of freaking about how many calories I am eating!  If you have any advice about an actual hand held made from trees book that has lots of food and maybe even some recipes drop me a note.

As promised yesterday I said that I would find a picture of me to put on here and guess what I did even better I posted 3 and one of them you can hang in your cellar to scare all the mice and bugs away!!

I also started my horrible weight check on here.  Hopefully tomorrow I will try and start with my measurements so I can see not just my numbers in weight going down but also (personal) my waist, bust, BUTT, and hips go far far away.

If you know anyone that wants them I am giving away some thighs and boobs.  I no longer want as much as I got. 

I think that is it for today I am getting ready for shower and BED!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read about my boring life!

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Third day of HELL

Okay why do people workout to be in so much pain the very next day? After my intense workout yesterday my thighs and butt are so sore I can barely move. I got up this morning and got ready for work. Once I got there I was being laughed at by a bunch of second graders trying to put my big sore body back in to their little short chairs. Usually its no big deal but when I act like my body is falling apart they got a kick out of it. During recess I usually get out there and throw the football around and play a little kick ball. OMG today I was a lump I just walked around the football field with a group of the kids.

For Breakfast today I was a little off key as you can tell my normal breakfast is just two cups of coffee. On work days I have to eat to maintain my sugar levels throughout the day I had

Piece of Jam toast
A couple grapes
and a yogurt
and my 2 cups of Coffee

For Lunch I simply had a pullock fish sandwich on only 1 piece of bread with a cup of tea.

For dinner I was horrible
I had Chinese Food (general Tso Chicken) that alone was enough to make a grown man cry

My limit according to sparks people is supposed to be no more than 1500 and I only have 70 to spare.

So all in all I guess that is a good thing I stay with in limits

As for my exercise today like I said earlier I only walked around the football field. So that was a 25 minute walk. Not a slow pace either I was hobbling at a brisk pace while pushing a girl in a wheelchair.

So see Jen I did workout today!!!

Tomorrow I am going to do a step aerobic and not eat Chinese Food!!

As for my house I ummmm seen it and slept in
Not enough time to do a really clean today but the kids did pick up after themselves so I guess that was cleaning the living room up.

My water intake today was again 2 (8oz)

Okay guys I am so tired and sore so I am hitting the sack early.

Until Tomorrow!
I am out!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

WOW 2 days in a ROW

Okay now we are on Day 2 in a row. That is great for me!!

I woke up late (my kids finally loved me a little). I immediately had to turn on my friends.

Played around on the computer for a while. Trying to get as much rest and relaxation as I can before I go back to work tomorrow.

Then I made my munchkins some breakfast and I had my normal two cups of coffee. The kids and I watched Aliens in the Attic on the television. Then I got up and did a couple loads of laundry cleaned the kitchen and living room.

For my breakfast I had my 2 cups of coffee

Lunch I had a packet of cheese crackers on wheat

For dinner I had a pasta salad with some turkey breast and ham in it with a side of cut green beans (frozen) and a quarter of a pear.

As for my water intake today I had 16 oz. (not looking good there huh?)

My total calorie intake (as long as I eat no snack) for today is....

Drum roll please....

1,004 that is 3 up from yesterday!

For my workout session today I did my Wii Go Active for 22 minutes. I burned a little over 150 calories. That is okay I guess since my goal is to burn 900 a month. (that is just to start out with) In a little while I will up it and up it and up it till I am a calorie burning machine!

Hopefully my 3rd day in a row I will add a recent picture of myself. I do not take many of those cause the camera adds like 200 pounds.

Well I think that is about it for now.

C you all Tomorrow!!

Happy Monday here I come

First Steps

Okay first let me bore you with some details of my life.
I am a mother of 5 wonderful children, two dogs, two cats, a bearded dragon, and a loving husband.
I work full time as a special education teacher. So that means I get stressed a lot. My problems are not that I eat to much its that I rarely eat. So my body stores everything that I do eat. I want to lose about a hundred pounds to get myself back.


My goals for the beginning are to workout at least twenty minutes a day on my Wii either my Wii fit, Go Active, or My killer workout with Jillian and with this hopefully I hope I can lose at least three pounds every two weeks. I need to start drinking actual water. I am a heavy sweet tea drinker and that is a no-no.


I have diabetes, high cholesterol, and on the verge of having high blood pressure. I would love to be around to see my youngest child have children so I need to step it up and take my life back NOW!


As for support I have my great friends on KOC Jen, Swans, and Mr. CR. I know that they will motivate me to get up away from the computer and start sweating a little. My husband will support me from home. Then I have my youngest daughter Kimberly she says she will work out with me as long as she does not start to sweat. LOL We will see about that.


Okay Day 1 June 5, 2010

Breakfast I had two cups of coffee.

Lunch I had a packet of Ramen noodles with a glass of sweet tea.

Dinner well was not the greatest but that's okay I had a sloppy Joe sandwich with some chips on the side.

My total calorie per day is 1300

I ate only 1,001 so I did great.

As for exercise I walked around two blocks and averaged 1550 steps in doing so.