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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday June 27, 2010

Well I weighed in today as well as took my measurements.  I had to do my weigh in not once but twice to make sure it was correct.  It said  I lost 10.6 pounds.  Yup you read it right 10.6 pounds in 6 days. I was so excited I thought  I was still dreaming. Then my measurements were okay my arms are bigger.  Getting a little chicken wing going on so that is going to make me crazy.  I feel bad because I was so excited when I noticed it that I told my friends Crazy and Jen.  Which made my girl Jen get a little discouraged.  I wish that I did not lose that much so she would not feel bad.  I know that we both struggle with this but apparently her meds are not kicking in for her yet.  So I want all to wish her a good luck and give her a huge hug.  I am really sorry hun but you are doing great as well.  Just think of how much extra running you are making Crazy do.  That in itself is satisfaction make that man 

But today was an abnormal day.  Got up did the normal breakfast thing with straightening up the house a little.  Then took my grandmother, sister, and my two girls all out to lunch at Applebees.  I think I did a good job ordering there too. We stayed gone from 140 until after 7pm.  Then came home and made the boys something to eat and the girls something light.  Then all of a sudden my computer game needed my full attention.  UGH the stress of gaming...

My food intake today was...
a piece of toast with peanut butter on it

Lunch was
Half of an AppleBees 550calorie Spicy Shrimp Lunch and a salad with a salad no croutons or onions and Italian dressing I dipped not poured on the salad (use less that way)

Dinner was
The other half of my lunch.

So all together I ate approx. 1000 calories today..

I did not work out cause it was supposed to be a rest day and my men were on the damn XBOX most the day.  (Cannot do Wii workout at the same time)  Thats okay  I will get it made up tomorrow!!!

Well good luck to all. 

Again = -10.6 for 6 days wooo hooo!!!

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  1. Oh D! I feel Bad For taking away from You! I am SOOO Happy for you! That is amazing you lost 10.6! Of course I wish I lost that much But I am a different person and with a different body. You are doing AMAZING! Thank you for doing this with me it is nice to know that someone is right there with me! And ALWAYS tell me how much you will not discourage me :-)...(Again) But only Encourage me to push myself harder! WTG and Keep it up! BTW i am proud of you on your food intake.