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Wednesday, June 9, 2010



Well let's see I woke up late so had to rush around the house like a chicken with my head cut off. I really need to learn how to actually fall asleep when I go to bed. Went to work and seem to find everyone that had an issue today.  First some little instructional assistant tried to get mouthy with me in front of children and those of you that know me understand I will and do not tolerate that.  Then I am leaving for the day and take the little girl in a wheel chair in to the lounge (I had to PEEEEEE) and the poor excuse of a media specialist was in there staring at me and her up and down. When we were walking out she asked me why Miss *** was looking at her like that I simply said in my LOUDEST voice that she thought she was really pretty and could not help but look at her.  We both got a chuckle out of that.  Then I come home to a HOT house starving (was trying to save some calories cause I knew I was eating something with high calories for dinner) (which turned out to be NOT TRUE) Me and hunger does not work well.  I have had a migraine and grumpiness all day.  Then I look at my living room and say forget it. I will have my kids pick up after themselves and it will hold until tomorrow.
Needless to say I am really not in the mood to do a "real workout" all I want to do is SLEEP!  So I decide to go outside and play soccer with my youngest son and my oldest daughter.  Then we played some basketball together. After that we walked up and down the street twice.  So since I did a high impact and high intensity workout yesterday I decided I would do just a high intensity today but in a fun way.  Playing with my children.  I tell you though I am not sure which one was worse Jillian Michaels or playing basketball with my kids.  They will both make you cry from pain...LOL  You know I saw a video my daughter took while we were outside playing and OMG I did not realize how disgusting I looked.  I always knew I was gross but to actually see that blob that was supposed to be me made me sit back and really cry.  I stay far away from cameras and videos because I know they add a few hundred pounds.


Well I did horrible today for calorie intake.  Just yesterday I was gripping at Jen for not coming close to her calorie intake and look at me today..UGH I might actually add 100 calories nope wait its 10:00pm no food intake for me.  

Well lets take a look...
3 pieces of left over bacon and a yogurt.  2 glasses of water. 2 cups of coffee  Total calories 160
Roast Beef sandwich and 2 pieces of green beans. 1 cup water and 1 cup of tea Total calories 130
Dinner :
MMMM so good by the way...LOL
Cubed Steak with some mushroom/cream of mushroom gravy and a 1/2 serving of green beans with 1 cup water and 1 glass of chocolate milk.  Total Calorie 665

Which means daily total calorie count was....955 


As I said earlier I played soccer for 30-45 minutes
Played basketball 30 minutes 
Walked 15 minutes.

Not sure of calorie burned or heart rate just knew I was sweaty so I did something right...LOL

Well I did not get a chance to take my measurements today.  I would really like to get them so I know how well I am doing.  We all know that we lose inches better than weight.  All my clothes are all ready to big so I cannot use that as an example.  But we will see if I can con my husband in touching me with out getting sick.  

Okay well I think that is it for now.  I am off to try to sleep.  I must stop over and speak to my KOC family for a few but I will eventually get off to bed...

Night all and C YA Thursday



  1. im sure R wont get sick! He will be like Oooooohhhh Yeaaaaahhhhh!

    :) Good job! Great to see parents outside playing with their kids!

  2. Sorry your day was so frustrating! But even though I'm sure we all feel that way some are NOT GROSS!

  3. Hey hun! I know we have those days and it is easier to tell people how to eat then to do it ourselves...This I know! As far as being disgusting and a blob you are not! Cause if you are then I am and I refuse to let my self feel horrible about my self. Although a little doesn't hurt to keep you motivated lol. Just remember Reub loves you, and so do I! Together we will lose weight and be 2 hot mammas! Keep up the good work I am proud of you and so thankful I have you, lady swan and CR for support!

  4. R will not say Ewww More like HUBBA HUBBA! LOL