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Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Steps

Okay first let me bore you with some details of my life.
I am a mother of 5 wonderful children, two dogs, two cats, a bearded dragon, and a loving husband.
I work full time as a special education teacher. So that means I get stressed a lot. My problems are not that I eat to much its that I rarely eat. So my body stores everything that I do eat. I want to lose about a hundred pounds to get myself back.


My goals for the beginning are to workout at least twenty minutes a day on my Wii either my Wii fit, Go Active, or My killer workout with Jillian and with this hopefully I hope I can lose at least three pounds every two weeks. I need to start drinking actual water. I am a heavy sweet tea drinker and that is a no-no.


I have diabetes, high cholesterol, and on the verge of having high blood pressure. I would love to be around to see my youngest child have children so I need to step it up and take my life back NOW!


As for support I have my great friends on KOC Jen, Swans, and Mr. CR. I know that they will motivate me to get up away from the computer and start sweating a little. My husband will support me from home. Then I have my youngest daughter Kimberly she says she will work out with me as long as she does not start to sweat. LOL We will see about that.


Okay Day 1 June 5, 2010

Breakfast I had two cups of coffee.

Lunch I had a packet of Ramen noodles with a glass of sweet tea.

Dinner well was not the greatest but that's okay I had a sloppy Joe sandwich with some chips on the side.

My total calorie per day is 1300

I ate only 1,001 so I did great.

As for exercise I walked around two blocks and averaged 1550 steps in doing so.


  1. Woot! WTG D! Nice start! Before long u will get the hubby out there with ya!

  2. Wow! We have so much in common! I too have 5 children and need to lose 100 lbs or so! I look forward to following you!