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Monday, June 7, 2010

My Third day of HELL

Okay why do people workout to be in so much pain the very next day? After my intense workout yesterday my thighs and butt are so sore I can barely move. I got up this morning and got ready for work. Once I got there I was being laughed at by a bunch of second graders trying to put my big sore body back in to their little short chairs. Usually its no big deal but when I act like my body is falling apart they got a kick out of it. During recess I usually get out there and throw the football around and play a little kick ball. OMG today I was a lump I just walked around the football field with a group of the kids.

For Breakfast today I was a little off key as you can tell my normal breakfast is just two cups of coffee. On work days I have to eat to maintain my sugar levels throughout the day I had

Piece of Jam toast
A couple grapes
and a yogurt
and my 2 cups of Coffee

For Lunch I simply had a pullock fish sandwich on only 1 piece of bread with a cup of tea.

For dinner I was horrible
I had Chinese Food (general Tso Chicken) that alone was enough to make a grown man cry

My limit according to sparks people is supposed to be no more than 1500 and I only have 70 to spare.

So all in all I guess that is a good thing I stay with in limits

As for my exercise today like I said earlier I only walked around the football field. So that was a 25 minute walk. Not a slow pace either I was hobbling at a brisk pace while pushing a girl in a wheelchair.

So see Jen I did workout today!!!

Tomorrow I am going to do a step aerobic and not eat Chinese Food!!

As for my house I ummmm seen it and slept in
Not enough time to do a really clean today but the kids did pick up after themselves so I guess that was cleaning the living room up.

My water intake today was again 2 (8oz)

Okay guys I am so tired and sore so I am hitting the sack early.

Until Tomorrow!
I am out!


  1. Awesome job D! You are doing great! After so long of doing it your body wont be so miserable afterwards!

  2. You did much better on the eating today! YEAH! :) gotta get u pimped out too now lol.

  3. The pimping will happen in 3 ... 2 ... LOL!
    By the way, nice to "meet" you Danielle :)

  4. So sorry that you were sore, but that means that muscles were challenged and they are getting stronger! Yay for that! Yes, try not to have any Chinese and try hard to get in some great exercise tomorrow! I look forward to following your blog!

  5. PS - I LOVE your profile description!! It literally made me laugh out loud! Scary movies are cool! I've never read a scary book though.

  6. Keep it up and it will start hurting less. :)

  7. I thank all of you for your wonderful support. I do need it very much!