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Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday June 25, 2010

Well gang today was an okay day.  EXTREMELY hot but an okay day.  I did some normal chores around the house yipee for me..LOL Then I planned dinner a yummy lasagna.  I did an extra hard workout today as well.  I did my normal thirty minutes of the Go Active and then I did another 30 minutes of random exercises on the go active with my sister.  My arms feel like jello from all the dancing moves, hitting a baseball and shooting basketball.  Ugh what one will do for family.  But that was okay cause I burned over 300 calories. I have found that I am getting better in the running part of the exercises.  They have me run 2.67 laps at the beginning and at the end of my workouts.  So I get practice in running just for you crazy.

Food Intake today:

a small tomato sandwich

a cup of salad and 1 tbs of dressing


Lasgna (half of what I was given) and another small salad.

I am still scared cause on Sunday I weigh in again and this is the third week so its scaryyyyyyy.  I will also try to measure my body as well to see where I have lost some inches or hopefully feet at.

Well good night to all...


  1. LOL! losing Feet....Now u sound like me...wanting 13lbs just to disappear so I can get my ipod..LOL....We need to get you eating more (calories) that way your metabolism is faster and you lose more weight. Keep it up! Sunday will be good!

  2. I like tht you are running for me :)

    Jens right though! You need to eat more to speed up that metabolism and supply your body with a little more energy to help you burn!

    PS - Make sure you weigh in first thing in the morn this time!