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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday June 27, 2010


Well today started off as a same ole same old day.  But some how I got a burr up my rear and did three workouts today and guess what Crazy and Jen I ATE food today.  There really was not much going on just straightening things up exercising and KoC. 
We did watch Zombieland with the kids they really enjoyed that.  I really like sitting up in a dark living room with my family laying out everywhere watching a scary movie.  My youngest daughter is a real big Wuss so its fun teasing her.  As a matter of fact this movie was not really scary but she thought it was a little and she had to go pee after the movie was over and remember I said DARK she wanted her big sister to take her to the potty but she was scared and I said I had to go they both came running after me and I quickly shut the door which made it dark and the little one squealed it was funny cause all you hear is foot steps running to the kitchen. She was laughing cause mommy scared her. (9years old people not really little)

Well it is after midnight and I need to get to laying down I have a huge day tomorrow.  ITS WEIGH IN DAY!!

Well food intake for the day was.....


Yogurt and a 1/2 bowl of cereal

was a Michalean thingy that was chicken broccoli alfredo do hicky.

was left overs from Thursday The mexican casserole.

was some popcorn with the movie(home popped)

So lets see how much that eating like a pig affects my weigh in tomorrow.

Well NIGHT to all!!

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  1. lol that is NOT eating like a pig...that sounds like a delicious day!! :)