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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 8

My Day...
Well let me first start off by saying I forgot to add my embarassing moment from yesterday in there.  I told you that the little girl likes pulling at clothes and that I was wearing a V neck shirt.  Well we had parents running the activities and at one of the activities she was tryong to get my attention and pulled on my shirt and got my bra with it and exposed my breast.  I thought I covered it up quickly enough where no one would notice YEAH right that would mean I had good luck on my side.  Nope the MALE parent walked up by me and said "thats something I did not expect to see at an elementary school and winked at me."  OMG I was ready to crawl under her wheel chair.  Then I thought about it for a minute and said he was kinda cute...LOL SHHHH!!

Okay now today.  I woke up in a good mood still stiff and sore but I said that I was not going to let that stop me from working out today.  Even before I got my coffee in me I did 20 minutes of Yoga in the Wii Fit.  After that I did a few strength training exercises then went and got my coffee.  Today I was a workout machine let me tell ya.  I did 40 minutes with Jillian and burned 180 calories, then I went to Wii Sports and did that for about 20 minutes as a cool down period,  Sat down at my beloved KOC for about twenty minutes and then did my Go Active with that I worked out for 22 minutes and burned 100 calories.  Went back to the Wii Fit and did some more yoga returned to the Go active and started my 30 day challenge not thinking I would have to actually workout today since I already did.  Again that would be if I had luck.  I had to do a thirty minute high intensity workout.  This workout turned in to a 45 minute workout because my breaker popped and I had to start all over.  This workout I burned 336 calories.  Reuben (husband) came home right towards the end of the workout and saw me sweaty and tired.  I had to actually RUN.  I cannot stand to run I get a hurting back and black eyes when I do that...LOL  But I did I ran for a total of 8 minutes today.  Then he realized that I had not eaten so he went and made me an egg sandwich I added a whole carrot and a yogurt to the side. I only ate half of the sandwich to tired and not hungry.  

My Food Intake
 Okay it was not the worst I have seen but it is not the best I have seen either.
Breakfast again was nothing but water (lots of it)
Lunch was 1 egg, Honey Wheat Toast and a slice of swiss cheese a whole carrot and a yogurt.  (Only ate half of the sandwich)  total calories for lunch was 397
Dinner UGH I made spaghetti with 80/20 meat. I ate 4oz of meat and 1/2c of sauce with 4 oz of spaghetti noodles, and garlic powdered toast. Calorie intake here was 995.
For a grand total for Saturday 1392 This is fine because I stayed within my 12-1500 calorie intake for the day.  I spoke with our  nurse at work and she stated that a person my size should be eating 15-1800 calories a day.  I told her I struggle to meet the 12-1500 a day could not imagine eating MORE.

My exercise
okay lets see how well  I can add...LOL
total time working out was  2 hours and 37 minutes with burning 616 calories.  That is all I can actually count for I know that it was more during the Yoga, Strength training, and the Sports. I really need to get one of those arm bands that tells you what you burned throughout the day and you can input your calorie intake and get your step count such a neat device.
So my 1392 minus the 616 equals....776! So in all actuality that is the calorie intake for the day right?

Sunday is my first weigh in day.  I am so scared to do this what will happen if I lose nothing or hell what happens if I gain because my calorie intake was no where near the target for 5 of the 7 days? I will feel like a failure or a fool.  With the stress I have been under I am afraid it will counter act what I have actually done.  I have found out that you DO NOT weigh yourself AFTER a workout.  You gain like 3 pounds if you weigh right afterward.  I found out the reason why today your muscles had to expand to allow the increased blood flow and it will usually go down a few hours after your workout. So reminder to self no last chance workout right before I get on the scale...LOL

Water intake today was my 8 cups I met that again!  Now that is 2 days in a row I have met it.

Well I am off to bed now so I will see everyone here tomorrow with my new weight!  Hopefully its more than a big fat GOOSE EGG   



  1. I am sure you will lose. You are kicking ass at the movement! Putting my every day biking to SHAME I no no like that!!! LOL

  2. You are doing AWESOME D! and Swans! And D I am sure you will lose weight but in some odd chance you do not it is probably cause you have been kicking Ass at working out and have gained some muscle. I can't wait to see your #'s!

  3. I thank you ladies. I did that dang scale today and it says 260.8 lbs