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Saturday, June 12, 2010


My day...
Well woke up got myself and the kids ready for work/school.  Did not pack a lunch because we were having tacos at lunch and I could eat the lettuce, cheese, and salsa together really looking forward to that.  We are having field day today for the kids.  Field day is a whole bunch of activities spread out around the school.  Most of them were water activities.  We get there and the kids are overly excited YEAH!  I know that I am going to get one heck of a workout because I have a little girl in a wheel chair there and I want her to participate in everything humanly possible.  My stupid butt wore a low cut V neck shirt and Jeans. Forgetting this young lady likes to grab at clothes to get your attention.  (that is a peace of information for later..LOL)  Well I then find out that they are NOT serving the tacos for lunch that it is corn dog nuggets or corn dogs which both are to full of calories and yucky stuff not healthy so I figured I would wait till I got my lunch break and go get me something it eat.  Well guess what NO BREAK today for me.  We were outside from 745 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon scorching heat. Let me tell you Heat and I do not Get along at ALL. Then add the constant walking back and forth around the school while pushing the little girl then the running relays pushing the girl ugh tired (all with my back not up to par) The water games were cool she really enjoyed getting me a little wet a couple times and I really enjoyed getting her soaked on the over under race (a metal can with holes in the bottom that you have to pass over your head to the person behind you...LOL  We all had lots of fun.

Then I come home after eating nothing but a dinner type roll all day long and like 7 water bottles exhausted and drained.  slept a little sore as hell and then had to think up dinner I being still tired just cooked some popcorn chicken had that while the kids had popcorn chicken and some chips.  So my calories were kinda low.  Then I did eat a left over egg roll.  When my sugars were dropping really fast do to not eating and only drinking water UGH.

So my workout today was the constant walking running and carrying of the little girl.  Sweating like crazy.  Then also worked out my arms buy pushing her in her swing for thirty minutes.  Unconventional but still a workout

Food Intake for the day
Dinner roll for breakfast 84
egg roll 170
Popcorn chicken (baked) 600
Total calorie intake for this stressful day was 854

my water intake was great though I got a total of like 16 or so cups of water.  

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  1. Great intake on water! The calories happen...I had real low calories yesterday also....Probably explains my poor attitude towards everything.....And I would say your work out was AWESOME!