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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday June 24, 2010

Hey gang today was a semi normal day.  I woke up had my coffee as breakfast. Played a little on my computer and then went out and did some more shopping.  Yesterday was grocery today was junk shopping and paying bills.  I went to get cigarettes, Walmart and got another resistance band and one of those big blue balls.(we all know how much I like, and a set of 2 pound hand help weights.  I will hope this helps me some with my workouts and toning.  After that we went to a thrift store and got some playtime summer clothes for the kids and then off to hair cuts for my youngest son.  His hair was REALLY long and bugging me so its all gone now yeah.  Finally, we went to the pet store and got some crickets for the bearded dragon and turtle as well as some more fish for the turtle. 
I made something new for dinner tonight it was a Mexican Casserole.  It was really good.  This was the first time I used ground turkey instead of beef.  Could not really tell the difference on the meat taste.  All my family liked it but my picky eater Kimberly.  It took her an hour to eat one scoop cause it had beans in it.OMG drama queen...LOL

Well lets see food intake today:
a 90 calorie bar thingy
Mexican Casserole and a Salad with 3tbs Ranch

My workout today made me feel really good
I did a 30 minute Yoga session b4 I left to go shopping
Then once I got home b4 dinner I did my big Wii helper it was another 33 minutes of hot sweaty painful exercise.

All in all I think today was a good day.  I need to eat a little more throughout the day but I did better with the yogurt and snack bar thing.

We will see what tomorrow brings!!



  1. I dont even like ground beef any more. I love the Fit and Active Ground Turkey from Aldi's!!

    Very, VERY YUMMY!!

    You better go take care of those blue balls you bought! :)

  2. Yes I love ground turkey and prefer it in almost everything. We will get you eating more here very soon! WTG on the work outs!