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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Day late

Hello guys I am sorry I am a day late for my weigh in.  I had a house full of teenage boys and I am not going to step on anything that shows weight in front of them so I did it today!

I lost 1.3 pounds. Its not great but considering the stress and little amount of time I have had to spend on working out I think I did a great job.  Week three will be so much better!

My kids are trying to get me to jump on the trampoline they say it will burn lots of calories..Ashamed do not want to do it.

This weekend I have not ate much On Saturday I had a donut for breakfast, no lunch and just a piece of hamburger with a tomato and a dab of ketchup on it.  My family laughed at me...LOL
Then came Sunday I again had a creme filled donut this time and a few chicken wings for dinner.  Spent the day at the beach with the kids so Reuben could be alone to play the xbox in peace.

I got to stun my kids today I went to the beach in an actual bathing suit with shorts on and guess what I went in to the water!!! First time in years.  I usually sit out and bake on the beach while the kids play in there for hours...

Well I will try and post again tonight!

Have a great day and keep up your hard work!


  1. WTG on the 1.3! Yes week 3 will be much better for both of us :-)

  2. Ummm actually 1.3 pounds IS great!! You are doing a lot and doing really really well!