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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 9 Danielle at 5.2 pounds lighter!

Well today I woke up late cause I was dreading weighing in on the scale.  Once I finally did I found out that I had only lost 5.2 pounds.  I guess that is okay but to me it seems almost like a waste.  When you watch the biggest loser as much as we do you see them losing twenty plus pounds on the first week and when they lose a whole five pounds they are disappointed.  But as I told myself it is a start. I want to either stay at an even five a week or increase each week.  Today was a semi lazy day.  I did straighten up the living room and kitchen.  Did laundry and spent some time with my family.  I did not get my workout in until like 5pm but I did get it in. As I told you yesterday I started the 30 day challenge on the Go active Medium Intensity today.  Completed it with even burning thirty three more calories than they predicted!! YEAH GO ME.

Food Today
Not a great food intake day but I was satisfied.
Breakfast I had a healthy smart cinnamon bran something or other...LOL
Lunch I had a rice cake
Dinner I made a pork loin green beans and stuffing

My grand total for calorie intake was 941

Today I did light housework and my go active 30 day challenge so the only one I can actually say was what the Wii told me and that was....
237 calories burned in 20 minutes!!  Wow imagine if I did that same workout for an hour I could be a calorie burning machine (that could not walk or move the next day)

Water intake today was approx 5-6 cups so I am not totally horrible.

Now before I said that I was going to take my measurements so I could see where I am losing weight at I had my husband actually touch me to measure me.  I am not happy with my results one bit.

Well I am off to bed and will talk to everyone tomorrow!


  1. D! i am so proud of you! My BMI is way higher than yours so don't even! You are doing a GREAT job and everyone I talk to says it is hard to have a high weight loss like that. You think on Biggest loser they have trainers and they do nothing but work out all day long basically. So with that being said You can't expect to lose like they do. They also have a stick diet plan as well as other stuff to help them. You did AWESOME for it only being you and no pills! Way better than what I could do!

  2. 5.2 is incredible!!! And please please PLEASE don't beat yourself up for not losing like they do on tv ... and if you don't hit 5 pounds every week. The Biggest Loser is SO extreme in how they do things that it's one of the reasons why so many of them have regained weight. You should do this in a way that you can keep doing without totally burning out ... in a way that you can keep doing basically for the rest of your life. And I'll save the "you should REALLY be eating more than 941 calories" lecture for another day :)

  3. Don't forget that those people are watched excessively - on your own you're not supposed to lose more than 2 pounds a week! I know we all have had weeks where we lose more but trying to do too much not under a doctors supervision is REALLY dangerous, I mean in a passing out and having lasting problems way (which I definitely know from experience)!! So your 5.2 pounds is awesome, be happy for yourself because you're doing great!!

  4. Thank you guys for encouraging. I just want it to go away fast.

    Knowing that it took over 12 years to get on I want it off NOW...Its a control thing...LOL

  5. yup those people have constant supervision, a PROFESSIONAL trainer, no jobs or anything - workout 8 hours a day, set docs, and set people like chefs and what not helping them with their diet. YOU HAVE NONE OF THIS!!

    AND ALL these people are bigger then you so their weight loss will be bigger, PLUS unlike you, thesepeople have done ZERO before this show ever so any water and/or exercise does drastic things to their body! (this is why they never do AS good on week 2)