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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Going Strong after 4 days

Day 4--

Well this morning I did not even want to wake up for work.  Once I did finally crawl out of bed I had to quickly get myself ready for work dressed, make lunch, coffee, drinks for the work day I had to get my lovely munchkins up and ready for school.  Let me tell you I have a son that is horrible to get up in the morning.  He will sit up go pee and then crawl back in bed to go to sleep with lights on covers torn off and all.  I have a star program set up with him that on school days if he gets dressed that includes sock and shoes all with in 15 minutes he will earn a star and when he gets 5 stars in a row he gets to either choose from a mystery gift or a bakugan(spelling).  So far with in the last month he has only gotten 1 prize.  Might need to rethink a reward system.

Now well lets see got to work this morning and we had voting going on in the school so we had to eat breakfast and lunch on the classrooms (what fun)

I ate for today:
Breakfast-- yogurt and some grapes with two cups of coffee and a bottle of water! yes people you heard me right (BOTTLE of WATER)

Lunch I packed a roast beef with Swiss sandwich and some left over grapes with a cup of tea and another cup of water (mark that so far 5 cups of water)

After peeing like a racehorse all day long I got home no snack :(

Dinner was delicious
I made Alice's Spring Chicken with a side of frozen corn with get this 2 more glasses of WATER!!! YEAH

My total calorie count for today was 1123.  ( I still have enough for a half cup of ice cream) 


Okay today I did great.  I worked out on my Wii fit.  
I did 33 minutes of Advanced Step
I did 20 minutes of Regular Step
I completed a half a mile walk in a horrible 15 minutes (cool down workout)
Heck I even played the Hola Hoop game and spun my hips over 700 times.
Tomorrow I think I just might work out with Jillian Michaels to torture myself some more..he he  
All in all it looks like my calorie burnage today was.....

Drums and some hot dancers please.....

1,234  that is more than I ate today so does that mean I can really eat more than a half cup of Ice Cream and not count it?

Well my next thing I need t o invest in is a calorie counter book.  So when I happen to eat at work I can actually eat something instead of freaking about how many calories I am eating!  If you have any advice about an actual hand held made from trees book that has lots of food and maybe even some recipes drop me a note.

As promised yesterday I said that I would find a picture of me to put on here and guess what I did even better I posted 3 and one of them you can hang in your cellar to scare all the mice and bugs away!!

I also started my horrible weight check on here.  Hopefully tomorrow I will try and start with my measurements so I can see not just my numbers in weight going down but also (personal) my waist, bust, BUTT, and hips go far far away.

If you know anyone that wants them I am giving away some thighs and boobs.  I no longer want as much as I got. 

I think that is it for today I am getting ready for shower and BED!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read about my boring life!


  1. does hubby know you are giving boobs away????

    LOL - GOOD JOB!!

  2. F'ING AWESOME!! Your kicking ass!!! Quit working out more than I am LOL

  3. That's awesome all around! But especially on all the water!! :)