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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday June 23, 2010

Okay gang its 130 am so this will be really short.  I am not working at the moment like the life of a teacher huh.  I do not like not working cause I do not eat when I am at home.  When at work I tend to eat something for breakfast and lunch cause  I am around the food.  The past two days I only ate at dinner time. My drink intake sucks too.  I drink my mug of coffee and one to two cups of water/tea a day.  So that is my goal this week is to actually EAT. I know that when you do not eat your body hordes but I am just not hungry. Plus the stress of my facebook game has been getting to me too.  Jen, Crazy and Swans knows all about the BS going on in there...LOL But now I think all is right in KoC world so that stress will be gone for now at least. 
It has been so hot outside the past few days I can not tolerate checking the mail, it takes my breathe away.  I did go grocery shopping today.  I am not one that makes a list up or goes to different stores but today I did.  I went on Food Lion, Farm fresh, Save-a-lot, and Bottom Dollars websites and compared prices made a list of what I must get from each store that was cheaper at one store.  It was rough.  I of course did not stick solely to the list at all.  But I did get what was on my list plus.  The most stressful part of my real life day...LOL was taking 5 kids grocery shopping with me. OMG I now remember why I keep them home when  possible.  Those of you with munchkins know what I mean.  So as for workout I did ten minutes on the wii again had my sister hating me.  I think thats the best part of it all.

Well until tomorrow Good Night to all.
(almost did my KoC title after it.  sent it so much today...) LOL


  1. LMAO D! Ummm BTW D...........

    Ok Not really...i just know how much you like that...LOL. Yes we need to get you eating! At least you don't eat to much while at home. That use to be my problem. I would sit at home and eat, and eat and eat! That is kind of how I put on most my weight. Keep up the good work!

  2. So weird, that is the opposite of my problem. I'm usually hungry in the morning, which gets my metabolism going and then sometimes when I'm distracted I forget to eat dinner. I'll just look at the clock and's too late, I'd rather just go to sleep! Good luck with your goal, it's a really good one!!