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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Okay today was an okay day to start off with.  Got up got ready for work and the kids were all in a fairly good mood. (those days are wonderful) Then I got to work at 745/800 my principal came up to me and told me during planning if I would come to her office she has something to talk to me about.  It is well known that I am VERY afraid of the principals office. (Childhood memories I guess)  Well that was about an hour n a half to two hours of sitting in fear.  Then while putting our little girl in her wheel chair I turned wrong and hurt my back enough for me to fall to my knees because I lost feeling in my legs.I hurt my back lifting her earlier in the year where I was out of work for about a month all unpaid. (Cause I did not report the issue that day, but I did not really start hurting till the next day)  Any way went to her office and found out that a parent stated that in a message notebook that we keep I seemed to short to the point and she was offended.  The principal knows this parent personally so after reading the notebook she told me no worries just to have someone read it if I am going to write a "complaint" about the parent in it.

Then I get home and its time to go to the attorney's office.  Get there have a great appointment and ta da Reuben wants to take me to dinner where he was taken by some guys at work.  This place was a dieters nightmare.  Moe's something.  All Mexican Its like a subway for burritos. When we get up there I ask them how lean their hamburger meat was they could not find out so I settled for chicken no beans barely any rice, lettuce, tomato, black olives, sour cream, guac and cucumber slices. The burrito was really good and I was fretting about how many calories was in it I estimated like almost 800 then I get home and see that it was only like 400 and some even with the sour cream!!! SO that was great.

With my back being hurt I was unable to get any workout done could barely move.

oh BTW I was ruined this morning got some plain yogurt and some freshly frozen strawberries put them in my bullet and mixed it up thinking it would be great tasting.  Got to work to start eating breakfast and YUCK tasted like sweaty socks and sour.  Had to throw that all out so I got stuck with less than a half cup of cantaloupe.  My lunch was just a PBnJ sandwich.  My calories were really low and so was my temper and tolerance levels..LOL 

Foods Eaten Today


peanut butter and Jam sandwich on Honey wheat bread

a burrito from Moe's

None (due to injury)

Tomorrow I will have a great workout at work.  We are having Field Day which means lots of walking/running and carrying the little girl in a wheelchair. I look forward to the exhaustion for the weekend.

I am thinking about going back on my Xenical once I get out of work. It has some not so good for work side effects...LOL

Well guys sorry so short tonight will see everyone tomorrow!!

OH MY I almost forgot to tell my calorie intake for today...LOL
Breakfast 30
Lunch  330
Dinner  460
Total  For a grand total of....820
Does anyone think that this might be why I am so grouchy??

Now night all..LOL


  1. HAHAH We had Moe's for lunch Jen had never heard of it LOL

  2. HEY!!!! me and Swan ate at Moe's today for lunch! :)

    Sounds like you should have ate more!!!! Hope your back is OK!

  3. LMAO---Ok As I am reading this I am thinking Hey Swan and CR had Moes for lunch....BUT i can see they already told you that..LOL. I am pretty sure we do not have Moes here in KS..maybe KS city i am not to sure....I will have to google it LOL. I hope you get to feeling better and remember just cause you didn't do a work out does not mean you did not get a work out. I luv Ya and am proud of you! Eat more tomorrow!