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Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday June 13, 2010

Okay today was not a very eventful day.  I woke up got ready for work went to work told a few people that I have actually lost weight.  These people were saying that a 1200 calorie diet would not work for me.  So, I had to just rub it in a little :)~  

Food Intake
Breakfast that healthy cereal
Lunch  rice cakes (mini) and 3 turkey nuggets baked not fried solely white meat
Dinner Fried kabosa, corn, and some noodle scampi stuff...LOL

Water intake
4 cups of water

was the go active said day of rest so I just did a walk around the block.

Well off to bed night to everyone and thanks for all of your support and comments that encourage me to keep it up.


  1. Congrats! It always feels good to rub it in a little! Keep up the good work, but watch out I'm gonna start giving you a run for your money!!

  2. It's been a few days so I wanted to poke in and see how things are going ... AND to tell you that you have an award at my blog waiting for you :)