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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 21, 2010

Okay gang today as you may have seen I did my weigh in a little late.  But I did lose something in my dreaded 2nd week.  But that is okay I am going to do more in the coming weeks. 
Today I got my little sister to workout with me on the go active and now of course she hates me wants to see me dead as she is crawling across the floor to pick something up she threw at  That is okay with me she is only 14 years old and weighs in the 200s.  So she needs this really more than I do.  I will have her for two weeks so I must do something for her within that time frame. 

So yesterday was a barely any eating day but a high calorie day.  I had a piece of meat lovers pizza at 3 and another at 9 so there was my food intake yesterday. I did burn 255 calories in my workout so now I must do it all over again today!! YEAH for me I get to torture my little sister all over again...LOL

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  1. LMAO---Girl we need to work on ur food.

  2. I agree - awesome on the exercise but it seems like you are barely eating anything and you can really, really mess your body up that way. People were telling me all about how my calorie count was so low and the more I do research on it some really scary stuff can happen if you don't get the nutrients you need and the number of calories to make it through the day - even 2 pieces of pizza can't be more than 900 calories which is not even close to enough!! Ok off my soapbox but I hope you are able to talk to your doctor or do some research about the consequences of losing weight too fast and not eating enough.